|| Even just Jennifer Connelly gifs in general there aren't that many out there that I've seen; that would really be fantastic :)

*nods* I know, right?  It’s not easy to find decent gifs of her.  Which is why I decide to make my own.  I’ve been working through them slowly but steadily.  I currently have gifs from her in A Beautiful Mind and in Dark City.  I’ve also had several people ask for House of Sand and Fog, so it’s next on my list for her.  I’ve also got Dark Water downloaded, and want to do that one, too.  Don’t have Blood Diamond at the moment, but it’s another one I’m interested in getting to eventually.  To be honest, I find her very beautiful, and emotive, and love creating gifs of her.  Would probably do it even if I didn’t have a Sarah Williams blog of my own.  ^_^;

Thank you for reblogging the gifset :) I hope that was an okay use for them? Xx

Yes, your welcome!  ^_^  It was a wonderful AU idea, and it makes me really happy that you wanted to use some of my gifs to bring it to life!  :D


Imagine Crowley abducts Gabriel to try and find out the location of the Angel tablet. When Gabriel say’s he doesn’t know where the tablet is, Crowley doesn’t worry because he knows that Sam Winchester will be there soon to save his boyfriend. When Sam and Dean arrives, he threatens Gabriel with Sam’s life.

(Richard Speight GIFS by purpledragongifs)

Reblogging here because trekkiel was awesome enough to want to use my gifs for their sweet SPN AU!  Thank you for asking and thank you for the credit!  ^_^

truestoryofthelieswetold replied to your post “Could you make gifs of Jennifer Connelly’s scenes from House of Sand and Fog?”

I totally agree with anonymous, HoSaF gifs would be awesome. The Knights Tale ones have been cool too though.

Another vote for HoSaF!  *chuckles*  Okay, I really will see what I can do.  The movie is so very…heavy.  For anyone who’s seen it, you know what I’m talking about.  What I’ll probably have to do is work on it in small bits…because as good as it is, and as amazing as the performances are…it’s a very rough movie for me to watch/work with.  But I will work towards getting them posted (and I’m glad you’re enjoying the Knight’s Tale gifs.)  ^_^

Apologies All Around!

Okay, guys - so, apparently Tumblr has decided to not put the lovely little notification symbol above the envelope icon when I get new messages.  D:  What the ever-loving frick, Tumblr?!  Anyway, I think I’ve replied to everyone who sent me messages.  But IF you messaged me about something within the last 3 months and I haven’t responded now - please message me again!  I promise, I will respond this time!  *wanders off, grumbling about Tumblr, to go play more Catherine*

Thanks for the follow!!! You have awesome gifs! :)

You’re very welcome!  ^_^  I always try to follow back those who follow me.

And thank you very much for the compliment!  Sometimes I wish I had more time to devote to my gif-making - but I enjoy being able to do what I can.  ^_^

Could you make gifs of Jennifer Connelly's scenes from House of Sand and Fog?

Hey there, nonnie!  I actually have that one downloaded and waiting.  ^_^  I can’t make any promises about how soon it’ll be before I can post them, but I will start on them.  Honestly, it just kind of depends on what I’m in the mood for.  Right now, I’m still trying to get Paul Bettany’s gifs from A Knight’s Tale finished.  There’ve been a lot of complications along the way.  :(  But I’ve heard your request and will do what I can.  :)

Paul Bettany - deleted scene from A Knight’s Tale

Made by me —> purpledragongifs

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